Wickersley Northfield Primary School

Wickersley Northfield Primary School

Part of White Woods Primary Academy Trust

Northfield Lane, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S66 2HL


01709 543704

Key Policies

Please find all of our key policies and information below:

Click here to find more information about the Rotherham SEND Local Offer.

For any enquiries about the information listed below, please contact us: enquiries@wnp.wwpat.org

Safeguarding Policies

 SEND Leaflet for Parents.pdfDownload
 SEND Review.pdfDownload
 WNP ACCESS Plan.pdfDownload
 WNP Accident and Incident policy 2022-23.pdfDownload
 WNP Admissions Policy 2022-23.pdfDownload
 WNP Anti bullying policy 2022- 24.pdfDownload
 WNP Behaviour Policy 2022-23.pdfDownload
 WNP Collecting Children from School Policy 2023-24.pdfDownload
 WNP EAL policy 2022-23.pdfDownload
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Financial Policies and Information

 3 Year Pupil Premium Plan.pdfDownload
 Pupil Premium straregy statement.pdfDownload
 WNP pupil premium policy.pdfDownload
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Trust Policies

 Complaints Policy 22-24.pdfDownload
 WWPAT Anti Fraud Bribery and Corruption Policy.pdfDownload
 WWPAT Archive Policy 22-24.pdfDownload
 WWPAT Attendance Policy 23-25.pdfDownload
 WWPAT CCTV Privacy Notice 22-24.pdfDownload
 WWPAT Charging and Remissions Policy.pdfDownload
 WWPAT Complaints Privacy Notice 22-24.pdfDownload
 WWPAT Confidential Reporting Policy.pdfDownload
 WWPAT COSHH Policy..pdfDownload
 WWPAT COVID-19 Pupils Parents and Staff Privacy Notice 22-24.pdfDownload
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